Superior Visible Photoelectric Response with Au/Cu2NiSnS4 Core–Shell Nanocrystals
A. Ghosh, SNS Yadav, M.-H. Tsai, A. Dubey, C.-T. Lin, S. Gwo, T.-J. Yen
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces

Ultralow Auger-Assisted Interlayer Exciton Annihilation in WS2/WSe2 Moiré Heterobilayers

C.-S. Cai, W.-Y. Lai, P.-H. Liu, T.-C. Chou, R.-Y. Liu, C.-M. Lin, S. Gwo, W.-T. Hsu
Nano Letters

Refractory plasmonic materials

C.-W. Chang, R. Mishra, H. Ahn, H W.-H. Lee, S Gwo
Plasmonic Materials and Metastructures, 139-161

Sustainable and CMOS compatible plasmonics
C.-W. Cheng, S.-S. Raja, C.-K. Shih, S. Gwo

Plasmonic Materials and Metastructures, 103-137